Selected Publications & Conferences

7th Annual Internet Law Works-in-Progress conference, Santa Clara Law, California (4.3.2017). Presenting - "Artificially Intelligent Copyright: Advocating for AI Authorship"

The 4th Annual TAU Workshop for Junior Scholars in Law: Law in a Changing Society, Tel-Aviv University (21-23.11.2016). Presenting – "Artificially Intelligent Copyright: Rethinking the Copyright Boundaries"

Institutions, Constitutions: The Judiciary's Role in the 21st Century - International conference honoring Supreme Court Chief Justice Asher Grunis, York Center for Public Policy, Osgoode Hall Law School (26-27.9.2016)

The Measure of Intellectual Property: New Principles, Future Dilemmas, Radzyner School of Law (10-11.3.2014) (Grant from Reinhold Cohn Group - 20,000 USD)

Interdisciplinary Analyses of Intellectual Property Law (Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton and Lior Zemer eds), Managing Editor (Nevo Publication, 2016)

"Copyright, Disability and Social Inclusion: The Marrakesh Treaty and the Rolle of Non-Signatories", JIPLP 10(11) 838 (2015) (with Lior Zemer)

"New Trends in Contractual Interpretation", Law & Business IDC Law Rev 431 (2009) (with Danielle Amir, Raanan Ben-Ishay and Yaniv Cohen)